Keep Your Facebook Image Fresh

Just a couple ideas to keep your Facebook business page fresh and inviting.

Announce An Upcoming Event you're hosting

Be sure to include a "click here to register" in your image and have the link to register in the description of the image. This way when they click your cover image, they will see the link to register.

Showcase A Testimonial

Grab your best testimonial, add your client's photo (with their written permission) and showcase their positive experience with your service or product. If you're highlighting a product testimonial, have an image of the product, too.

Focus On A Client Challenge

Your clients all have challenges where you help them find solutions. Take one of those challenges and offer the top three solutions or even just the top solution. Heck, you could update your cover image every week for a month offering a new solution each week. (Do you think people would visit your page to see the new solution? Hmm??? Wouldn't that be great?) Plus, your image goes out in the news feed and is one of the largest images in the news feed. Meaning it's gonna get seen.

Reveal A Before & After

If your service shows a before and after result like a professional organizer, nail tech, hair dresser, interior designer, etc., be sure to capture a before and after picture of your work. (Be sure to get written consent from your client.)

If you sell a certain product, gather a couple of customers before and after photos and create a collage or highlight just one at a time.

Highlight Your Hashtag

If you are a big #hashtag user, what about creating a cover image with just your #hashtag? Done in your branding colors of course. Super simple yet can be so powerful. Be sure to use your hashtag on everything while this image is up to gain the most return.

Feature YOU

Your audience wants to know, like and trust you so, share YOU on your cover image. Share pictures of you as a baby, a teen, your wedding day, family photos, vacations, etc. This allows your audience to connect with you and feel like they know you more personally. Maybe you feature yourself on your birthday or you do trivia questions the entire month of your birthday. You could also  throw things in randomly. Heck, even get your audience involved in sharing pictures of themselves as a baby, teen, etc.

Extend Your Relationship With Your Audience

Showcase how your fans can deepen their relationship with you. Direct them to your newsletter sign-up page (on Facebook or on your website.) Be sure to have a "sign-up now" button in the image and again leave the link to sign up in the description of the photo. If you have an app you could direct them toward your app as well. If you want more of your fans to follow you on Twitter, highlight your twitter in the cover and again, leave a link in the description.

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