Jennifer Alton Testimonial

Oh, goodness.  I've learned so much, and I’m only 6 weeks into the BYOB program.

Having never done coaching before, I didn't have a lot of preconceived notions and was just happy to see how things turned out. I'm a business novice, so all of the business set-up, marketing, pricing, etc. is completely new territory to me. It’s been great to have Erin here to walk me through the process of envisioning and creating my business. Her relaxed, fun, and very competent coaching style is something I really appreciate.

Before starting my BYOB program with Coach Erin, I felt my business was pretty nebulous. I had talked about good ideas, but I didn’t have a solid conception of how things would actually happen. It’s exciting to feel like the business is starting to really take shape now.

There has been lots of mental work involved in the coaching and assignments, and it has been HUGE for me. There really has been a personal discovery around every corner. It’s also exciting to see a great deal of progress coming along in the design of my business. I’m stretching in so many ways; it can be intense, but it’s all very good.

The homework has been fun and challenging. The creative assignments have been especially enjoyable for me. The organizational assignments have been more challenging because they aren't as fun for me individually, but they have been extremely valuable.  The Expertise Catalog, although it wasn't the most pleasurable assignment for me to complete, really and truly changed how I thought about myself and the value of my skills.  The Client Rate Finder assignment was extremely thought-provoking and is causing me to think very differently now about how I will be earning income in my business. The Dream Budget exercise shifted the entire long-term vision for the business to include not only myself but my husband and potentially even our kids someday. I’m now not just building MY business, but I’m building our FAMILY business.

It’s fun to share my coaching experience and activities with my hubby. It’s exciting to know he is now going to be actively joining in the business.  He is supportive of the things I am doing and has been pleased with the coaching and assignments. (He even joined Erin and I on one of our coaching calls.)

My BYOB experience has been great. It is really helping me be ready to spread my new business wings.  I’m very excited to see what amazing things the rest of the program will bring!

Jennifer Alton- Spanish Fork, UT - Flannel Creative

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