Jacqueline Destremps Coaching Testimonial

Coming into my coaching session with Erin I had not worked with a coach before so, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. It was much more thought provoking then I thought it would be. It wasn’t Coach Erin telling me what to do but more of her getting me thinking.

Coaching really gets you out of your head. It puts ideas & thoughts you’ve been thinking into a “real” concept. You stop pushing things aside that you thought “I can’t do that” or “not now.” Erin does a great job of saying “you got this” without it feeling like a fake cheerleader-ish thing, she is very genuine. My session really gave me something to build on.

One of the reasons I have avoided coaches is because I felt like coaches were there to tell me I was doing a good job or just to kick my ass. I really saw coaching as one type of coach is the cheerleader who says “yay” at whatever you think you’re going to do and the other type of coach tells you exactly how to do everything in their process or patented program. My coaching experience with Erin was neither of these.

Coach Erin gave me a sense of ownership. She was there to guide the idea or concept, but I was the one actually doing the work. Erin leaves you feeling like you have ownership over it. This way when things work I get the gratification instead of feeling like “Oh yeah, I followed someone else’s steps and feel like I know I can follow steps well.” With Coach Erin I did it myself. I have the ownership over the idea and the results.

Coaching was money well spent and of great value. I can totally get my financial investment back in 90 days. I can also see where over the next 12 months I will continue to generate a much higher profit with the concepts Coach Erin and I worked on.

Jacqueline Destremps - Phoenix, Arizona - Another Hand Advantage

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