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Curious how coaching works?

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I get that connecting with a coach can be downright nerve-racking.

I've experienced the scripted discovery calls, the rehearsed sales pitches, the every 3 days follow-up email series and the elusive "coffee date." I didn't like any of it.

I didn't like feeling as though I was being squeezed through a sales funnel and I'm not keen on being seen as a "lead" that needs to be converted. So I don't operate that way.

When you schedule an Icebreaker with me you'll experience an unscripted, two-way conversation of getting to know each other, sharing wisdom and generating practical ideas. I'll offer you feedback and connect you with tools and resources.

Let's join forces and help you grow your business!

FREE Icebreaker Coaching Session

a casual, non-scripted, non-sales conversation

create a connection
grab a few tools
exchange a bit of knowledge
take any ideas that help you

If you feel like you're being sold to -- click "end meeting"
Neither of us have time to waste on sales pitches.

Nobody says it better than other women
who took the leap and gave coaching a chance

You came to this page for a reason. And I don't think it was to scroll aimlessly on the internet.

I mean I know we love to scroll, but come on--that's not why you're here)

Don't cut yourself short. Give yourself what you came here looking for. End your inner struggle and schedule.

I promise there is no sales-pitch and no commitment to coaching.




Erin M. Garcia
13118 N. 20th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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