Looking for a business coach?
Curious how coaching works?

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Connecting with a coach can be downright nerve-wrecking.

The scripted discovery calls, the rehearsed sales pitches, the every 3 days follow-up email series and the elusive "coffee date." Nobody really wants that.

Feeling as though you're being squeezed through a sales funnel and being seen as a "lead" that needs to be converted. Ick! Just ick.

Instead, what do you say we have a simple unscripted, two-way conversation. We will focus on getting to know one another, determining how I can help you get where you want to be and connecting you with resources.

Let's join forces and grow your business!

FREE Icebreaker Coaching Session

a casual, non-scripted, non-sales conversation

determine if we're a good fit
learn more about what I do and how I coach
identify a clear direction and outline the steps to get there
decide if coaching is a good investment for where you're at right now

If you feel like you're being sold to -- click "end meeting"
Neither of us have time to waste on sales pitches.

Nobody says it better than other women
who took the leap and gave coaching a chance

You came to this page for a reason. And I don't think it was to scroll aimlessly on the internet.

I mean I know we love to scroll, but come on--that's not why you're here.

Don't cut yourself short. Give yourself what you came here looking for. End your inner struggle and schedule.

I promise there is no sales-pitch and no commitment to coaching.

email: erin@ecoacherin.com        phone: (602) 499-4825        photo credit: Crystal Clear Photography