FREE Icebreaker:

a conversation starter that helps
me learn about you and you get to know me.

Woman runs her online business from home

Create a connection, grab a few tools, exchange a bit of knowledge and take any ideas that can help you start, structure or strengthen your business.

I get it. Connecting with a coach can be downright nerve-racking. 

I've experienced the scripted discovery calls, the rehearsed sales pitches, the every 3 days follow-up email series and the elusive "coffee date." I didn't like any of it.

I didn't like feeling as though I was being squeezed through a sales funnel and I'm not keen on being seen as a "lead" that needs to be converted. So I don't operate that way.

When you schedule an Icebreaker with me you'll experience an unscripted, two-way conversation of getting to know each other, sharing wisdom and generating practical ideas. I'll offer you feedback and connect you with tools and resources.

And--if at any time you feel like I'm getting salesy, click the end meeting button. Neither of us have time to waste on sales pitches.

Coach Erin: Online Business Coach for women who want to succeed in home business

I see my job as helping women master the art of business.

I believe that when women have connections, resources and tools they'll grow a business that creates positive change for themselves and others.




Erin M. Garcia
13118 N. 20th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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