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Connecting with a coach can be downright nerve-wrecking.

The scripted discovery calls, the rehearsed sales pitches, the every 3 days follow-up email series and the elusive "coffee date." Nobody really wants that.

Feeling as though you're being squeezed through a sales funnel and being seen as a "lead" that needs to be converted. Ick! Just ick.

Instead, what do you say we have a simple unscripted, two-way conversation. We will focus on getting to know one another, determining how I can help you get where you want to be and connecting you with resources.

Let's join forces and grow your business!

Free icebreaker business coaching session for women, wives and moms

Icebreaker: a casual, non-scripted conversation

  • discover if a coach is what you need
  • learn what coaching is and how it works
  • get a feel for who I am
  • see if we're a good match
  • decide which program is right for you
  • get your questions answered

Nobody says it better than other women
who took the leap and gave coaching a chance

When I met with Coach Erin for my icebreaker session, I felt like I was sitting in the same room with her. Meeting via online video was a great way to meet “in person” without having to leave the house. It gave me a chance to get a feel for Erin’s personality, style and if coaching would be a good fit. It was comforting that the sense I got of Erin’s personality and style from her website was a match to her “true self.”

I left my icebreaker with a sense of her personality and approach to business. I had a clear understanding of her service packages and charges but never felt like I was being “sold to” or pressured to buy. I felt confident that Erin would be able to help me achieve my potential and I immediately scheduled a Clarity Creator.

- Bridget Jablonski, Phoenix, AZ

Let's Get You Scheduled!

Don't cut yourself short. Give yourself what you came here looking for.

End your inner struggle and schedule.

I promise there is no sales-pitch and no commitment to coaching.

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