How to Market Your Services to Support Client Goals

business ideas on marketing your services by coach erin garcia

Your clients hire you because they have goals they want to achieve and your services are one ticket to get there. Knowing what those goals are makes it easier for you to market your services to your ideal audience so they can find you.

The truth is that many women business owners (or, at least, most of my clients) experience negative feelings when it comes to selling their services. We don’t want to appear “pushy” and we feel nervous talking about money, pricing and payment options. We get so tied up in what the “sale” means for us, we forget about what it means to and for our clients.

A sale for us means and opportunity to help others achieve their goals. It means we get to do what we love while supporting others. It means we are connecting our clients with the information and resources they want and need.

So how do we know what goals we need to market to? We ask!

If you’ve ever asked your audience what they want most, you’re likely to hear some similar responses--no matter who they are. We always seem to be lacking for time, money, accountability and energy. Does your service help resolve any of these common issues? Write your marketing copy in a way that shows how you solve your audience’s problem.

Let’s take a look at one of the most common New Year’s resolutions and goals (weight loss) and connect it with your industry. How could you market your services to someone who is looking to lose weight if...

You’re an Accountant/Bookkeeper

Need more time so you can go to the gym? Here are three ways an accountant can give you more time at the gym: No more entering transactions, no more balancing your accounts, less time prepping for taxes (because your accountant/bookkeeper can do that for you!).

You’re a Copywriter

Imagine being able to walk a mile while also getting your blogs written for your business. Impossible? Not with a copywriter in your pocket! Talk out the main points of next month’s blogs on your phone, then pass the recording along to your copywriter to work some magic.

You’re a Coach

If you’re struggling with setting your yearly goals, or evening finding a strategy to get on the right track, your business coach can help. She knows that business and personal goals often go hand-in-hand and can help you merge the two so you have time to get it all done.

You’re a Social Media Manager

Want some accountability with your new health and weight goals? Share it with your audience on social media. Not only will your audience be able to connect with you more, you’ll also have the added accountability of your audience watching and asking you about your progress.

You’re a Photographer

One of the best ways to see weight loss progress is before-and-after photos. And when you’re taking your after shots, you want a pro helping you take the perfect photo. You may even gain more momentum to help you move forward with your next round of goals.

Do you believe me yet, that you can market your services to your audience’s goals--no matter what your industry? What industry are you in? What does your audience want to accomplish? Let’s see how creative we can get!

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