Coach Erin, Phoenix Business Coach for Women

Before we get too far,

I want to be upfront with you

  • I'm no dolled-up, high-profile coach with center stage sex-appeal.
  • My first 90 days in business were far from six-figure headline material.
  • My goals and dreams are not grandiose. I'm more of a modest goal setter.
  • I've had many successes. I've made epic mistakes.
  • I have no magic wand, no crystal ball and no secret formulas.
  • One coaching session with me is not going to create instant success.
  • Coaching with me is work. It's not a 90-min conversation and done.
  • I'm a call it like it is, like I see it and like I feel it coach.
  • I'm a straight forward, raw and honest coach.
  • There's no fluffy sugar-coated cotton candy in my coaching style.

Still with me?

Who I am

I'm an introvert, wife,
step-mother, thrift store junky, remodel addict who loves the beach, my husband and peanuts with raisins.

My Approach

Personal growth
= Business growth
Business growth
= Personal growth

What I do

I facilitate strategic thinking and provide the tools and accountability needed to implement an organized
plan of action.

The Results

A mission-driven, philosophy-based, client-focused and results oriented business, strategically operated by a confident woman.

Coach Erin - Business Coach for Women

My Clients

Since 2006 I've worked with hundreds of individual women and unique businesses. 

A majority of my clients operate their business from their home.

All of my clients own/co-own and operate direct-to-client service-based businesses.

A few of my clients offer informational and educational products, in addition to services.

A couple of my clients offer group services and/or provide educational workshops and events.

My Experience

I've worked with clients in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Budgeting, Accounting and Taxes
  • Health, Nutrition and Personal Wellness
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Management
  • Technical Design and Photography
  • Law and Legal Mediation
  • Empowerment Coaching and Corporate Coaching
  • Image, Personal Style and Systems Consulting

My Credentials

  • Coach Certification from S.W.I.H.A (an Arizona Certified Private College)


  • Over 2,000 hours of providing individual coaching
  • 300+ hours of coach training
  • 15+ years of business ownership (started my first business at age 17)


  • 5 years experience in non-profit program development and marketing
  • Degree in family and child studies

Are you tired of always feeling stuck, not knowing what you should do next?

Have you found that books, blogs, podcasts & webinars are awesome resources but aren't moving you forward?

It's not uncommon to:

  • not know what decisions to make
  • go in multiple directions
  • spin in a cycle of doubt
  • experience overwhelm
  • jump from strategy to strategy
  • compare your progress to others

And at the same time:

  • be excited about paving your own path
  • feel the freedom of controlling your own schedule
  • experience the joy of changing the world
  • acknowledge our desire for more or different
  • be eager to explore new opportunities
  • embrace our creative selves

Or maybe you’re like me and found yourself throwing clipboards to the ground repeatedly until there is no resemblance of a clip board left. (Not my proudest moment, but a true story -- ask my husband. It was not pretty.) 

I get it! It's what I did. It's how I felt.
(And truth be told -- still do and feel some days.)

But, here’s the thing -- we don’t need a miracle. We don’t need a genie to grant us one last wish. While some may try to make us think we need to drink their magic potion -- it's not true.

There aren't any tricks or secrets that’ will make our business magically work. (Oh how I wish we could just wiggle our nose like in the sitcom Bewitched.) It just doesn’t work that way.

Woman business owner making business decisions from home

What we need is to clearly identify :


  • is my audience?
  • will I market to?
  • can I partner with?
  • are my services best for?


  • do I do?
  • is my philosophy?
  • is my mission?
  • is my message?
  • value do I provide?
  • should my branding be?
  • programs should I offer?
  • are my top goals?


  • will I work with my clients?
  • will I take time off?
  • will I work on my business?
  • will I expand my services?
  • will I raise my prices?
  • will I incorporate products?


  • will I find my clients?
  • will my office be?
  • will I market my programs?
  • will I network?
  • can I automate?


  • will I provide my services?
  • often will I see my clients?
  • will my clients schedule?
  • will I get paid?
  • much should I charge?
  • will I track my progress?

My clarity creator with Coach Erin surpassed my expectations. It was more in depth than I thought it would be. I appreciated the fluid conversation and willingness to go into details that weren’t “easy.” I loved the transparency and being able to talk about what’s really going on.  I appreciate that Erin was willing to talk about everything and lovingly (yet directly) discuss the sore subjects. It was awesome to breakthrough to seeing the “roots” of the problem and come out of the coaching with concrete areas to focus on and work through.

Flip Flop C.E.O

Lory Muirhead

Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsa Dickey woman business owner client testimonial

Wow! That's all I can say! Just WOW! I am so fired up right now! That coaching session was incredibly valuable! I am able to tackle my day, week, month and year with intention and purpose and I can't thank you enough. I have a much clearer vision for myself and my work than I've ever had in the past.

An hour and a half with Erin and she took me from an 8 to a 10- that's the best way to describe it. I was doing a lot of things right and working hard but now I'm going to take it to the next level and I'm able to do so with confidence!

Fiscal Fitness

Kelsa Dickey

Money Management Coach in Phoenix, Arizona

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial

Man, I have to tell you this session was HUGE for me. Thank you. I walked away from my computer when we were done, shut all of my documents down to let all of this sink in a little. I feel like this is soul therapy for business owners with this mindset shift! You totally just helped me with my business owner “blocks” when I hadn’t even realized it was a block. SO COOL! YAY!!! Omg! This is SO exciting!! This is fantastic!!!! THANK YOU for triggering this in me!!!! #mindisblown LOL!

Purple Unicorn Therapies

Sarah Gill - Phoenix, Arizona

Soul Therapist in Phoenix, Arizona

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