Get Noticed and Become Unforgettable On Pinterest

Guest Blog By Tabitha Dumas, TabithaDumas.com

As an image and influence consultant, I love teaching Pinterest classes for women business owners and entrepreneurs with the goal of helping them “get noticed and become unforgettable.” The first thing I always say is that Pinterest can do many things for you, but it will almost certainly NOT directly increase your sales.

“If Pinterest won’t put more money into my bank account, what’s it good for?”

Pinterest IS a great place for you to mention special offers, point people to your blog or website and showcase your expertise—all of which can eventually drive sales. I like to remind these women, however, that social media is not “sales media.” It’s meant for you to stay connected to your ideal client by sharing information, adding value and keeping a conversation going.

Here are ten tips for using Pinterest to elevate your image and expand your influence as you interact with your ideal client:

1. If you use your Pinterest account for business, make sure to have a business account separate from your personal account. Pinterest is actually starting to require it!

2. Add a Pinterest social media icon to your website so visitors can easily follow you. You can also add it to your Facebook business page.

3. Update your account description, picture and social media links to accurately reflect your business and your brand. Also be sure to follow quality people, because your followers will see them, too.

4. Remember that 80% of what is on Pinterest are re-pins from within Pinterest. Pinning the useful or inspiring information you find on your favorite websites, online stores or blogs adds value—even more so when it’s something you’ve created yourself!

5. Install a “Pin it” button on your browser to make pinning from the web easier. Be sure to pin an appealing image and personalize the caption to say what you want it to.

6. Add “Pin it” buttons to your own blog posts and images to encourage readers to pin them to their boards. Be aware that your photo descriptions will become the pin’s caption, so modify them accordingly! Try pinning your own website pages or blog posts first to see how they look.

7. Pin what interests you and what will help people like and trust you more. Animals, (clean) humor, inspirational quotes and art are all popular categories.

8. Go beyond what interests you and pin things that your ideal client would find useful. Are your ideal clients into health, travel or fashion? Create boards for those topics, pin what you think they would like to see, then tell them about it!

9. You can have group boards with multiple pinners. Consider sharing a board with a client so you can exchange ideas and both see what’s being pinned.

10. Have fun with Pinterest! Be yourself, set time limits so you don’t get overwhelmed and enjoy being social.

Happy pinning!

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonialHi, I’m Tabitha, a child of God, adored wife, fun-loving mama to two young sons and the founder of FanTABulous Women. I’m a writer so I feel weird when I write in the third person about myself. I love throwing tea parties, building my wardrobe from second-hand stores, blogging, crafting and partnering with women to elevate their image and expand their influence. I also work with small business owners to help them tell their story and engage with their target market via copywriting, consulting and local workshops. I love my life!


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