What happens in a first coaching session?

What happens before your first business coaching session with me, Coach Erin ?

Well let's see --

Before any session with me you will complete a prep form which has anywhere about 35 questions about yourself, your life and your business. The prep can take up to 45 min to complete. It's almost like getting 45 minutes of coaching. In fact, many of my clients report having many a-ha's and new ideas just from completing the prep.

This prep helps me gain a baseline understanding about you as well as get an idea of what you want to gain from coaching and what impact that will make on your life and your business. That way we're ready to dive in and get coaching. We'll start with me going over what I understand from your prep form to make sure I've got a clear picture.Then we'll to work gaining clarity on what you want to accomplish in our session.

From there it's a back and forth coaching conversation of me asking questions, you sharing your answers, me asking more questions, you having a-ha moments, ideas being shared, clarity being created and blocks broken down and moved through. And -- I'm not gonna lie -- there can be moments when I tell it to you straight and get to the heart of the matter in what can seem like minutes. Often within minutes of coaching my clients will say "How do you know me so well already?"

There is always lots of note taking. Lots of  ideas, strategies & clarity-moments. There can be so many goodies uncovered: mission statements, marketing messages, tag lines, client descriptions and tons of business models and concepts explained.

I can tell you that no two coaching sessions are exactly the same. Each coaching session is a living organism that grows into what it needs to be to create clarity, confidence, creative solutions and forward momentum. The session is customized just for you. I think it's also important to note that every coaching session is a confidential conversation that is just between the two of us and never to be shared with anyone else.

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