What is Coaching?

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  • Discussions that are intentional, authentic and empowering.
  • Conversations that allow you to process through overwhelm and ideas.
  • Meetings focused 100% on YOU and YOUR business.
  • 90 minutes of dialog that inspires feelings of hope and confidence.
  • Appointments that identify clear steps of a business growth road map.
  • Strategy sessions that transform a big picture dream into reality.

Who is a Coach?

who is a coach

A coach is a professional trained in the art of asking questions. Coaches know what questions to ask, how to ask them, when to ask them, what the answers mean and how to utilize the information to gain forward momentum.

Coaching questions:

  • uncover fear
  • produce confidence
  • strip away limiting beliefs
  • get to the heart of the issue
  • unblock your ideas
  • create self-trust

  • clarify direction

  • eliminate overwhelm

What Are
The Results?


  • Coaching equips business owners with a structured process for sorting through ideas and a framework for making decisions so we don't get stuck.

  • Coaching transforms ideas into income, stuck into success and confusion into confidence so we enjoy business ownership.

  • Coaching gets to the heart of things, uncovers fear, produces confidence and strips away limiting beliefs so we can live to our fullest potential

  • Coaching creates focus, direction, clarity, confidence, structure, a positive mindset, organized thinking and a roadmap so we don't get overwhelmed.

  • Coaching empowers personalized decision making over incorporating ALL the tips, secrets, rules and "must haves"so we don't spin in doubt.

  • Coaching unblocks ideas. creates clear messages, builds a firm foundation and develops focused packages so we can build a profitable business.

What's the Process?

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The Goals

  • develop a big picture vision
  • identify a clear niche
  • lock in a positive mindset
  • formulate pricing
  • establish packages
  • plan out next steps
  • map out marketing

The Agenda

  • coaching conversations
  • decision-making exercises
  • mindset-mastery tasks
  • business model breakdown
  • collaborative brainstorming
  • skill-boosting assignments
  • straightforward feedback

The Tools

  • guidance
  • support
  • resources
  • accountability
  • coaching questions
  • intuitive insights
  • outside perspective

The Outcomes

  • message clarity
  • pricing alignment
  • blocks removed
  • service confidence
  • systems in place
  • marketing sureness
  • business excitement

What Will
We Work On?

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  • self awareness
  • self accountability
  • emotion regulation
  • money mind blocks
  • business and life integration


  • life vision
  • business mission
  • business vision
  • business plan

Brand Development

  • philosophy
  • skills
  • focus areas
  • knowledge zones
  • core message
  • visual branding basics
  • brand voice basics

Ideal Audience

  • audience assessment
  • target market
  • secondary audience
  • ancillary audience
  • referral partners

Service Structure

  • program design

  • package creation

  • income generators

  • purchase opportunities

  • service distribution channels


  • pricing and payment formulas
  • payment software
  • fee and value alignment
  • basic tracking/accounting

Internal Systems

  • ideal schedule

  • client agreements

  • client scheduling process

  • client behavior management

  • client welcome and on-boarding

  • client off-boarding

  • testimonial capture


  • presentation design
  • event and workshop development
  • website layout strategy
  • regular marketing routine
  • seasonal marketing calendar

What's The

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My Business Mapping System is:

  • is a uniquely created and hand crafted process
  • designed from over 10 years of coaching self-employed women
  • 100% original

Each coaching exercise provides clarity, confidence, direction and focus. Every homework assignment builds off the last assignment -- creating continued forward momentum.


When you work with me you get:

  • the benefit of an established program anchored in new wisdom 
  • a custom tailored program that fits you

With each client I work with, I make adjustments, tweaks and improvements -- continually increasing the value I offer my clients.


In my coaching system, my role is to provide you:

  • a proven framework, guidance, support and accountability
  • tools and coaching exercises that will move you forward

Each of us is the artist of our own business.

There's no "copy-cat business" model within my coaching system.

Each of my clients remains in control of their business.

I provide the framework, blank canvas and tools: the artistry is all yours.

Business Woman Janine Finnely in Phoenix, Arizona

I went into my coaching with Erin with "baggage" from past coaching experiences. Once you've had an experience that wasn't good, it's easy to decide that "coaching doesn't work...or doesn't work for me." I was wrong. Erin has a unique gift. She is extremely perceptive which allows her to bring about clarity quickly. I'm very, very impressed with her! When it comes to Coaches, Erin's one of the "good ones."

Flip Flop CEO

Janine Finney

Phoenix, Arizona

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial

I've likely spent $1,000 on marketing classes and training and what Coach Erin was able to do with me makes SO much more sense. I was fumbling over my words and having my stomach tied in knots at network meetings and struggling to answer the question, "What do you do?"

I now have a clear, focused message that is written in the words of my clients. I believe in my new message, and now have the confidence to stand up and say who I am, what I do and who my ideal client is.

All Words Matter

Robbi Hess

Copywriter in New York

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

Thank you, Erin for helping me create an initial 'intro' package- it feels better, it's easier to sell and it just works- so thank you!

Through The Closet Door

Loren North

Personal Stylist in Phoenix, Arizona

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