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For those women who are curious what a coaching session looks and sounds like -- Here ya go. Here's a transcript from part of a recent business coaching session I had with a client. This client was struggling as she felt she did not know who her ideal client was nor was she feeling creative enough to create packages/programs/products to sell. As we started coaching she said "well, I want to work with clients like me. Moms who are where I was." This lead us through this next serious of questions, answers, reflective feedback, block identification and idea generating.

COACH ERIN: So then, if you're clients are where you were than tell me.. what was it you were experiencing then.   

CLIENT:  Well, I can tell you what I struggled with. I struggled with understand WHY things were going the way they were going in my life. I struggled with "control" issues. I needed to be in control of my life, but really wasn't and the more that I tried to control my life, the less control I had in it.

I struggled with feeling good enough, smart enough, worthy enough. I struggled with knowing that I deserved the life I wanted. I struggled with "reacting" to people instead of being "pro active". I struggled with blame, either myself (victimization) or others for why things happened. Those are just a few.

COACH ERIN:  WHAT A MARKETING MESSAGE! Are you a mom who is struggling to keep control in your life? Do you feel like the more you try and control your life, the less control you actually have?

Work with me and discover what control really is, how it's not what you really need and learn to get and keep you, your life & your family's life on track at my upcoming (workshop, webinar, group coaching).

Are you a wife, mom or woman who often feels not good enough? Not smart enough? Not worth enough? These are all feelings I too have felt at one point or another along my journey. I am now offering individual coaching calls to help other wives, moms & women increase their confidence, release themselves from the blame cycle and get what they deserve in life... because we all deserve to live the life we want.

So, now we know you're target market, we know what you're going to do and we have a couple potential marketing messages.  Now what? Now is it time to figure out how to reach your audience, what your offerings are going to be and how much you're going to charge?

If so, then where do you think you can find moms, wives, and women with families?   What might your offerings be? Will you do in-person coaching, phone coaching, webinars, live workshops, etc.? Which one do you want to do first?

What will it take once you know what you'll be "offering" and how much you're going to charge? What will you do next?

CLIENT:  Um. Yeah. Exactly! All kidding aside, that is what I need, a road map.

COACH ERIN:  You already have a road map.

1. Figure out where your client is

2. Market to them where they are

3. Tell them how to buy you

That’s the road map. It’s more about making decisions and implementing those decisions, right?

So, if I was to market to you where would I find you? Well I see you're on Facebook, so I would run Facebook ads and maintain a Facebook page. 

I also believe you have kids who go to school so I might contact the school counselor and let her know what I do and offer so she can refer families to me or see who at the school runs the parent nights and see if I can get involved with parent night somehow.

You may also work so I would call the managers of local companies and share what I do and offer me as a resource to their employees. I might even offer to do a group coaching as a lunchtime group just for their employees.

Where do you go in your day-to-day travels? How could I market to you in these places?  Lets say you figured out where to market. What would it then take?

COACH ERIN:  I want you to keep thinking toward the next step so you can find the real block.

CLIENT:  So, I already have the road map. Now I just need to find my block. I think one of the blocks is that I don't know where to market and HOW to market so I get a response.

The other block I believe is I don't know how to structure things and then the last is what to offer - how to get them there.

COACH ERIN:  Aha. So, all one block.  You don't think you know. So, when you do something and it doesn’t get a response you think you did it wrong and that feeds the "see I don't know what I'm doing”.

There are no right answers in business or marketing. There are also likely no wrong answers. Marketing is a series of tests and with each test you learn something that makes the next test better. It will never be perfect. It’s a living organism that changes and develops as it goes.

Look at yourself.  What do you want? What do you wish you had in the way of supporting you as a wife and a mom?

You went to coaching school... so, you offer coaching.  A conversation of questions and answers that bring about awareness, new ideas and shifts in perspective that create a desire to make changes and create new results.  Isn’t that it in its simplest of forms?

As for structuring things to get a response, only after repetition will a system be generated. You have to do something enough times to see the repeated cycle emerge and then you have structure, a process, a system, yes?

What would happen if you stopped worrying about having it right and just started doing it? What if you just started talking to friends and family about what you are doing or want to do?  What if you told your neighbors?  Do you think they would each offer you feedback that you could use in your next test?

Are you willing to run tests?

CLIENT:  Yes I am willing to run tests.

COACH ERIN:  Well then, that’s what we’ll focus our coaching on, your next test. What might that first test be?  Any thoughts?

CLIENT:  No clue.

COACH ERIN:  Try again. You said at the beginning of our conversation that you wanted to do groups, as it would be best for leveraging your time.  So, is it a group?

CLIENT:  Oh, I see what you mean. What can I test out to see what works.  Yes, I think groups would be the best way to test.

COACH ERIN:  Groups or group?  Do you want to test a couple different groups or just one group?

CLIENT:  And this is where too much thinking gets in the way. Because I have a few different ideas but not sure if I should start with just one. (i.e. Work/life balance, abusive relationships, blending families, etc.)  LOL. 

COACH ERIN:  Let's move forward as if there is nothing in your way.
Do you want to test one idea or two or three?  Take the process one step at time. Not all at once.

Step 1.  Do you want to do one or two groups?

Step 2.  What topics are you excited to talk about?

Step 3. Is there a way for these topics to be combined to meet the number of groups you want?

Do you notice that you use "I don't know" and "I don't even know" a lot?  What if instead you said, "I am going to find out" or "I don't know BUT I'm going to find out"?

How could you figure out "where to begin with networking"?

This could be why you feel you're not getting any creative ideas. Our brain cannot think of ideas when it is blocked with us believing we don't know. It opens up when we say, “BUT I can figure it out.”

I call this SHIFTING with your BUT...

So then how could you figure it out?

COACH ERIN:  And you said you didn't know where to start.  What about your friend "Google" do you think Google might know of network meetings in your area?

CLIENT:  I tried that but it keeps sending me to meetup.com.

COACH ERIN:  Yep. That is likely because there are lots of network meetings listed on meetup.com.

CLIENT:  I have a very sour taste in my mouth with Meet Up and a few of their network meetings I went to left me feeling like total shit.

COACH ERIN:  Just because that happened in the past doesn't mean it is going to happen again. I'm guessing you may have learned a few things that you can now use to find the right group for you. Yes?

By the way... My friend Google just sent me to here http://eventscalendarinfo.com/event-calendar/

And then it sent me here when I put in “Columbia, Maryland” http://www.bwn-hoco.org/

https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y4/r/-PAXP-deijE.gifBusiness Women's Network of Howard County.  

COACH ERIN:  It just so happens they are having a luncheon tomorrow about attracting abundance.  It's $60.  

CLIENT:  So, let me ask you this. What is the purpose of networking? When I went, I felt like it was a place where everyone was trying to get me into their business and/or trying to downplay mine. Maybe I didn't have the right idea when I went. 

COACH ERIN:  Yep. A lot of people think that's what networking is about, and it's something you'll learn to deal with as you keep going and going and going and testing, testing, testing.  It all depends on the facilitator of the meeting and the style of the meeting.  There are lots of different styles of network meetings.

I didn't know either. I figured out by attending and attending and attending and asking questions of those who were there, which were great conversation starters and relationship building.

So, GO to the network meeting. Check it out.  It’s amazing what happens when you decide you can figure out the answer.  Possibilities come to you.

CLIENT:  I have found a few other networking meetings that are free and/or lower cost that I can go to, which are even closer to me. I will make it a point to go to a couple of those.

COACH ERIN:  OMG! NOOOOOO! NOOOOO!  Think for a minute. Free. NO cost.  Who do you think those attract? People with NO money! People who don't see value in networking. People who want FREE, NO COST or LOW COST services. Not likely your client and not likely serving your client either. 

CLIENT:  Okay. What good is it going to do me to go to a networking meeting when I don't have my own mind in order let alone what the hell I do? LOL.  Plus, that is $60 I don't have right now. I will keep looking though for networking meetings.

COACH ERIN:  A-ha. So, It's that you feel you're not ready to go out there. But you do know who your client is. We worked on it today. You coach moms who want to have control in their life but feel the more they reach for control the less of it they have. You help them get unstuck, get back on track and build strong functional families. Right? 

So, when someone says what do you do? You say, "I coach moms who want to have control in their life but feel the more they reach for control the less of it they have. You help them get unstuck, get back on track and build strong functional families."

If someone says "how much do you charge" You can say right now I am putting together an on-line group and have 3 spots left available for 3 wives/moms who want to work with me for 30 days. Would that interest you?"  If they say yes then pick a price right there and then....

Heck. Say whatever comes to you and then make whatever you said... make it happen. I did that. That's how Creative Connections came about.  Someone was talking about how the network groups were closing and they didn't know where they were going to network and at the next meeting, I said "I'm starting an out of the box networking event" and I made it happen. Sometimes being put under pressure is the best way to find out what you want to do.  It will just come out naturally.

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