Coach Erin’s One Word Experience

Have you ever heard about choosing ONE WORD to focus on during your New Year? I never knew others were doing it and I don't know where it originated but I have heard through Facebook Groups that Danielle LaPorte has a free workbook (or something of the like) that can guide you through to finding your one word. Well, I don't know when it became trendy but I've been choosing one word since 2008.

I started choosing one word when I transitioned from working my job to owning my own business. I was swirling in too many ideas, too many thoughts and, let's be honest, too much fear. I can still remember sitting at my desk and having an ah-ha moment. I decided I wasn't going to focus on EVERYTHING in my first year in business. Instead, I decided to focus only on one thing at time. Now, that doesn't mean I didn't do anything but that one thing, it just meant I had a focus for the majority of my time, energy and money. I sat there thinking what's the order? What comes first and then what comes next?

That's when I came up with four words, one for each quarter.

1. Reputation (branding, networking: anything that helped me get known)
2. Revenue (budgeting, pricing, attracting clients)
3. Resources (tools, tips, new knowledge, referral partners (which I now call co-marketers=collaborative marketers)
4. Review (tracking systems, what worked, didn't, etc.)

OH! and yes, my mind almost always attracts approaches in alliteration.

So, that's where the choosing of ONE WORD started. I have sense chosen a word every year to focus my mind.  BUT, something powerfully changed in 2014 and 2015 proved to be just as incredible.

In 2014 I pondered my word more than I think I had in previous years, it felt different, unexplainable but different. I was keeping my word quiet to myself just waiting for a little "sign" that it was the right word and then it happened.  I went to dinner at our local Chinese restaurant and the owner came over with a Christmas gift for me (yes, we used to eat there THAT often) anyway... she handed me a pair of OWL earrings.  As she walked away I said to my honey "I can't believe it" to which he said "I know, isn't that so sweet."  I laughed as he thought I couldn't believe she gave me a gift (which was super sweet) BUT what I couldn't believe is that I had been pondering the word WISE for my word of the year and here was my sign.  I mean where else would you get a sign but a Chinese restaurant.  LOL

That was it.  My word would be WISE.  I immediately took that word on.  I even made a small graphic of an owl to go with it. I shared it in my Sparks community, on my Facebook page and in a few other private Facebook groups with women I trusted.  And that's when the power began to increase.  To say the power double would be to low for the amount of power that was created. Clients, friends, network associates and even family members began to see owls everywhere and would send me pictures, share Facebook posts with me about owls.  Everyone was adding power to my year of learning to be wise, expanding my own wisdom, sharing wisdom with others.  It took off like crazy (and it started my ever growing collection of owls.)  As if that were not awesome enough, in December of 2014 my son got a verbal commitment from Rice University's track team: The Rice...OWLS. Talk about the power of choosing a word.

Well, by now my passion for choosing one word was massive and I couldn't wait to FIND my word for 2015.  In my pondering, I decided that I would go with just one letter. I wanted to take a more minimalist approach to things so who needed an entire word when one letter would do.  So, my one word became the one letter B.  I again made a simple graphic, I once again shared it on Facebook and with Sparks, my close-knit community of self employed women and of course with clients and friends.  I was sure I'd soon have a collection of bees and people sharing bee sightings but that never happened.  It didn't have the big ignite that the owl had.  Instead, it was more of an internal emerging.  A quiet calmness that mesmerized me.  It was just as powerful and just as exciting but it looked very very different.  It was just me with my letter B.  To B in the moment, to allow things to B what they will B, to B present, to B in the flow, to B strong, B focused, to B-lieve.  There were sooo many lessons and blessings in 2015.

So, now it's time... It's New Years Eve and tomorrow starts a new year.  It's time for a new word of the year or letter of the year and yet my lessons from last year about B in the moment, allow things to B what they will B continues on.  I am here with no word for the year. I can't try and hide it, I'm a bit anxious and a bit worried. I've felt the anxiousness for at least two  weeks as others around me seemed to be discovering and uncovering their word.  Yet, in this anxiousness I also feel a calm, steady and amazing feeling of peace.  So, I continue to release the anxiety of that I MUST have a focus for the year, that I MUST have goals, desires and direction.  Oh and the anxiousness that I don't have a plan... I say goodbye to that too.  I instead choose to relax, release and realize that it's still 2015 and my word is still just one letter... B

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