Coach Erin’s BIG Dream

I was asked a question by a client (I love when that happens) that made me sit, think, ponder and create. Her question was "Erin, what's your BIG DREAM?" So, here it is. I have decided to share My Big Dream with all of you.


I spend one day a month as a “pamper me day” getting my hair done, pedicure, manicure, facial, massage.. the whole works.

My home is complete (no more remodeling to do), it’s completely decorated, everything is in top working condition, the yard is landscaped and well maintained.

I am debt free and living a cash flow life.

I have time to spend with my husband and my kids relaxing, exploring, learning and discovering.

My husband and I are extremely close and have an intimate, spiritual connection that provides us both with love, passion, energy and enjoyment.

My family and I enjoy 2-5 breaks/vacations throughout the year.. mini-get-a-ways, short exploring trips, rejuvenating retreats and one BIG entertaining vacation per year.

Both my husband and myself enjoy getting up every morning because we love what we do and we find passion, energy, excitement and value in our work.

I have the opportunity to do small things that make great impact on others.

My wardrobe is plentiful, purposeful and it all fits perfectly. I have an amazing variety of clothing which allows me to easily dress for any and all occasions.

My wardrobe is complete with awesome and unique accessories.

I have a great small group of friends and colleagues who provide mutual support and inspiration through a balanced, honest and raw relationship.

My life is prioritized with myself, my husband and my kids being first and my passion for providing value to the world next.

I have simple, relaxed and memory filled holiday traditions and am often found celebrating holidays at odd times of the year and in unique ways.

I smile each day, giggle a lot and often laugh till I cry.

I am surrounded by people who get me, love me, adore me and make me love me more..

I feel proud of who I am and proud of the big and the small accomplishments I make.

There’s My Big Dream.. What’s Yours?

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