Clarity Creator:

clarity, focus and direction to help you organize ideas, determine next steps and start moving your business forward.


all new clients start with a Clarity Creator

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Get the clarity needed to move forward and build your business

You Got This! - Coach Erin, business coach for women

When it comes to creating service programs, developing marketing and organizing systems many of us get stuck. 

That's why I work with new and seasoned women business owners to guide you past hidden fears and make knowledgeable decisions so you can experience success in being your own boss.

I provide you with practical ideas, cost-effective tools and easy to understand principles that inspire change and ignite potential.

In our session, I will help you stay focused on your vision, message and target market so taking action will be easier and an results will be better.

The Agenda

  • in-depth pre-session prep
  • communication log
  • typed session notes 
  • coaching questions
  • intuitive insights
  • creative perspectives
  • straightforward feedback

The Goals

  • unlock clarity
  • identify blocks
  • organize ideas
  • outline solutions
  • develop direction
  • create a big picture vision
  • layout step-by-step map

The Process

  • sort through ideas
  • review options
  • clarify goals
  • brainstorm solutions
  • release blocks
  • make decisions
  • take focused actions

The Results

  • root challenges uncovered
  • identify fear blocks
  • zeroed in niche
  • narrowed down services
  • articulated plan of action
  • refined business vision
  • confidence in your value
Jodi's Business Coaching Testimonial with Coach Erin in Phoenix, Arizona

My Clarity Creator session with Coach Erin was extremely valuable and surpassed my every expectation. It was pragmatic and felt tailored just to me. I gained immediate value even before my coaching began and I walked out with so much clarity.

Erin offered me guidance in creating a path towards success. I was able to better articulate my services and the clients I want to work with. It feels good to have clear steps forward.

Jodi Peary

Divorce Coach in Scottsdale, Arizona


Erin really made me think and in a good way. I liked that Erin and I worked together and I wasn't left to come up with everything on my own but still felt in control of my business decisions.

Today we were able to work through a networking message and I left with great starting points.

I feel ready to network.

Erin clearly knows her stuff and isn't afraid to call it like it is but she's also warm and really cares.

Pavlik Law

Nicole Pavlik

Phoenix Estate and Business Planning Lawyer

There are decisions to make, things to create and new skills to learn. Our to-do list doesn't fit on one page. Our brain space is maxed out.

We're faced with having to master our mindset, upgrade our knowledge, optimize our time, tap into creativity (even when we think we have none) and stretched beyond our comfort zone.

We want to believe we can do this all by ourselves.

We're talented. We're smart. We've been successful before.
We certainly can run our own business. Right?

BUT -- this business "stuff" isn't easy. Things don't move as fast as we want them to. We're pushed and pulled in ways we've never been.

What we thought was going to be fun and give us freedom is now keeping us up at night. Our brains are consumed with "what if's" and "how the heck's." Our enthusiasm fluctuates from one day to the next (or from hour to hour.)

Truth be told -- we're not even sure that what's on our list is what we should be doing.