Get Clear. Find Focus. Build Confidence.

Starting A
New Business?

Growing A
Current Business?

Evaluating An
Established Business?

Not having a clear, organized plan of action leaves us stuck. It creates overwhelm.

And even worse -- allows layers of grimy self-doubt to build up.

We have decisions to make, things to create and new skills to learn.

Our to-do list doesn't fit on one page. Our brain space is maxed out.

We want to believe we can do this all by ourselves.

We're talented. We're smart.
We've been successful before.
We certainly can run our own business. Right?

Coach Erin - excited to be a coach for women business owners in Phoenix, Arizona

This business "stuff" isn't easy. Things don't move as fast as we want them to. We're pushed and pulled in ways we've never been.

What we thought was going to be fun and give us freedom is now keeping us up at night. Our brains are consumed with "what if's" and "how the heck's." Our emotions and enthusiasm fluctuate from one day to the next.

Truth be told -- we're not even sure that what's on our list is what we should be doing.

We're asking our husbands, family and friends, "Should I do this or that?" They look at us like we're crazy. They often respond with, "Get a job!" Or they give us some crazy, off-the-wall idea. Ugh!

Coach Erin at her desk at The Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

We're faced with the having to:

  • master our psychology
  • upgrade our knowledge
  • improve our skills
  • optimize our time
  • utilize our creativity
  • stretch our comfort zone
Coach Erin - You Got This

It's not some personal flaw. It's not because we're not smart enough.
Not pretty enough. Not disciplined enough. It's self employment.

But, no matter how many people tell us "this is normal" or "you're not alone" it sure feels like "Yeah right -- I'm the only one."

This Is Why Having A Coach Is Beneficial

A coach is a professional trained in the art of asking questions that:

uncover fear
produce confidence
strip away limiting beliefs
get to the heart of the issue

unblock your ideas
create a clear message
build a firm foundation
develop focused packages

create self trust
clarify direction
eliminate overwhelm
produce a step-by-step plan

The magic coaching formula is knowing:

What questions to ask.  How to ask them. When to ask them.
What the answers mean. And what to do with the information gathered.

Erin really made me think and in a good way. I liked that Erin and I worked together and I wasn't left to come up with everything on my own. Today Erin and I were able to work through my networking message and I left with really good starting points. I feel ready to network.

Erin clearly knows her stuff and isn't afraid to call it like it is but she's also warm and really cares.

Nicole Pavlik - Phoenix, Arizona - Pavlik Law

Man, I have to tell you this session was HUGE for me. Thank you. I walked away from my computer when we were done, shut all of my documents down to let all of this sink in a little. I feel like this is soul therapy for business owners with this mindset shift! You totally just helped me with my business owner “blocks” when I hadn’t even realized it was a block. SO COOL! YAY!!! Omg! This is SO exciting!! This is fantastic!!!! THANK YOU for triggering this in me!!!! #mindisblown LOL!

Sarah Gill - Phoenix, Arizona - Purple Unicorn Therapies

How The Clarity Creator Works:

The Goals

  • unlock clarity
  • identify blocks
  • organize ideas
  • outline solutions
  • map out a focused direction
  • formulate a big picture vision
  • layout a next steps road map

The Agenda

  • in-depth pre-session exercise
  • private communication log
  • session notes (typed up in real time)
  • thought provoking questions
  • intuitive insights
  • creative perspectives
  • straightforward feedback

The Process

  • sort through ideas
  • review options
  • clarify goals
  • brainstorm solutions
  • release blocks
  • make decisions
  • take focused actions

The Results

  • get to the root of the challenges
  • identify where fear has interfered
  • zeroed in niche
  • narrowed down programs and package
  • an articulated plan of action
  • a refined vision with clearer direction
  • confidence in the value of your services

Wow! That's all I can say! Just WOW! I am so fired up right now! That coaching session was incredibly valuable! I am able to tackle my day, week, month and year with intention and purpose and I can't thank you enough. I have a much clearer vision for myself and my work than I've ever had in the past.

An hour and a half with Erin and she took me from an 8 to a 10- that's the best way to describe it. I was doing a lot of things right and working hard but now I'm going to take it to the next level and I'm able to do with confidence!

Kelsa Dickey - Phoenix, Arizona - Fiscal Fitness

My Clarity Creator session with Coach Erin was extremely valuable and surpassed my expectations. It was pragmatic and felt tailored just to me. I gained immediate value even before my coaching began and I walked out with so much clarity.

Erin offered me guidance in creating a path towards success. I was able to better articulate my services and the clients I want to work with. I also got clear on the steps toward providing those services to my clients.

Jodi Peary - Scottsdale, Arizona -