Awilda - business woman's testimonial for Coach Erin

Awilda Torres Coaching Testimonial

Before my coaching session with Erin I was completely overwhelmed, confused, stressed and stuck with not knowing which direction to go in order to grow my business. After just one session I felt clear, calm and more excited about my business then I had been in a while. I made the decision to coach further with Erin and…

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Elizabeth Mahusay Testimonial

The 90 minute coaching session with Coach Erin was absolutely worth my time.  Coach Erin’s desire to really understand me and the vision I have for my business was evident in her preparation and in the thoughtful approach she used while working with me.  I’ve spent months trying to effectively market and brand my business…

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Melissa Dery Testimonial

I moved from absolute fear to complete joy and excitement during my recent coaching session with Coach Erin. I discovered that it’s time to move my business to the next level. I was struggling with fear over the wrong thing. Erin helped me take a closer look at what my fear was really about and by the end of…

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