Service and Program Design

Things to Include in Your Client Welcome Packet

Creating a Great Welcoming Experience for Your Clients You can be the best business person on the planet, and the most efficient at what you do, but if you don’t have a great client experience from the start, it may be a struggle to keep them coming back. That positive client experience is what will…

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Creating a Valuable Client Prep Form

A Client Prep Form Can Simplify Your Work with Clients When it comes to building a relationship with a new client, business coaches and their new clients benefit from a bit of preparation. That’s why I encourage my business coaching clients to create valuable client prep forms. After coaching with women in a variety of…

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Pricing is NOT about worth - blog title

Pricing Is Not About “Worth”

There’s this phrase-a phrase I hear often. A phrase that almost feels like it’s an automated response yet the truth is it’s more likely just a very ego attractive marketing message that quite honestly I’m afraid is doing more harm than good. This phrase most commonly sounds like “you need to charge what you’re worth”…

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