Coach Erin’s Business Journey

Welcome to my Coach Erin blog title

Welcome To My Blog

Hey There!  Coach Erin here to welcome you to my blog. I love that you found me and do hope you’ll take some time to browse around my little piece of the internet where I: – share inspiring ideas – break down big business concepts – share my own authentic self – even dive into…

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The Coach's Cottage blog title

The Coach’s Cottage

The Coach’s Cottage (map here) is truly a metaphor for business ownership and the transformation that happens through coaching. Like the clients I coach, my home, The Coach’s Cottage, is ever-evolving and changing. It’s where all my in-person coaching sessions happen.  It’s a comfortable space where you can just be you.  The Coach’s Cottage is a…

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My Brand Colors - blog title

My Brand Colors

I first picked colors based on what “the experts” said the colors represented and I liked them well enough that I used those colors for the first eight years of my business. But, I was always tweaking things because it never felt “just right,” so like Goldilocks I kept trying different things. This tweaking lasted…

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