Free coaching sessions: why I don't offer them - blog title

Why I don’t offer a free coaching sessions

In the coaching industry it has become common practice to offer free initial sessions. Most often these are called discovery sessions. The “behind the scenes” strategy to these sessions is to help you, the client, discover all the work you need to do on your life, business or other area the coach specializes in. Once…

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Welcome to my Coach Erin blog title

Welcome To My Blog

Hey There!  Coach Erin here to welcome you to my blog. I love that you found me and do hope you’ll take some time to browse around my little piece of the internet where I: – share inspiring ideas – break down big business concepts – share my own authentic self – even dive into…

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My Brand Colors - blog title

My Brand Colors

I first picked colors based on what “the experts” said the colors represented and I liked them well enough that I used those colors for the first eight years of my business. But, I was always tweaking things because it never felt “just right,” so like Goldilocks I kept trying different things. This tweaking lasted…

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