Business Management

Things to Include in Your Start-Up Business Budget

3 Categories to Include in Your Business Budget and Why You Should Think of a Budget Different Way In business, budget is not a dirty word. A budget is a tool that helps you to allocate your resources. A budget is a tool that helps you ensure your business’ future. For a startup, money may…

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business: Blog Title

Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Business–Any Time of Year

Running a business is hard, especially if you’re feeling muddled down by an overflowing inbox, systems that don’t serve where you are in business right now or a customer list that’s not quite up-to-date. No matter what time of year it is, take some time to do some spring cleaning in your business. Clean up…

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business ownership affirmations for women

Business Ownership Affirmations

Owning a business is a lot of hard work but can also be beyond rewarding. You’re only human if you let self-doubt creep in sometimes. But using these affirmations will get your head back in the right place so you can move your business forward:   Being an entrepreneur is an adventure I ENJOY. Being…

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