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Law of attraction for business - blog title

Law of Attraction for Business

5 quick ideas for using the Law of Attraction in your business   1.  Go through your calendar Mark down potential client appointments on specific days and times. 2.  Use the Law of Attraction in your passwords You’re logging into sites all the time, so use that time to attract new clients.  For example, “3newclients” or…

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Contracts and agreements are essential - blog title

Contracts & Agreements are Essential

Contracts of Understanding and Financial Agreements are essential business tools. They  not only provide structure to your business — they also save your relationships. Without a clearly defined and agreed upon contract or agreement misunderstandings can develop. Your expectations of your clients and their expectations of you can fail to match and all sorts of problems…

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Review, Renew, Revamp, Re-engergize - blog title

Review, Renew, Revamp & Re-engergize

Here are a few important things women business owners need to take a look revamping periodically. The most important piece to review is your Ideal Client. As businesses grow, they change. Getting clear on who your ideal client is makes marketing easier and more effective. Take some time to review what you’ve learned about your…

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