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Free coaching sessions: why I don't offer them - blog title

Why I don’t offer a free coaching sessions

In the coaching industry it has become common practice to offer free initial sessions. Most often these are called discovery sessions. The “behind the scenes” strategy to these sessions is to help you, the client, discover all the work you need to do on your life, business or other area the coach specializes in. Once…

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What I love about working from home - blog title

What I Love About Running My Business From Home

The Home Business Tax Deductions: Let’s face it, having my office at home comes with a long list of tax deductions. Because I see clients and host group coaching events from my home there are a number of things that qualify as a full or partial deduction. Gotta love being able to write off part…

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The story behind coach erin's business name - blog title

The Story Behind My Business Name

Oh man! Picking your business name is one of the first challenges many self employed women face. And I was no different. Choosing my business name was certainly one of the challenges I ran into when starting my business. I remember sitting around the dining room table with my hubby tossing around all kinds of…

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