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Steps to build your own business - blog title

Steps To Build Your Own Business

9 Steps To Building Your Own Business step 1: Clear Vision It is important to have a clear vision of what you want your business and life to look like so you can easily integrate them to craft the life you desire. step 2: Mission A mission is something that you likely will not achieve on your…

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Passion to Profit- blog title

Passion To Profit

Four steps to help you turn your passions into a profitable business and a value to others. Step 1: List and Review List all of your passions, skills, talents, knowledge and experience – include any hobbies too. – EDUCATION: degrees, certifications, trainings attended, etc. – LIFE EXPERIENCE: parenting, living on a budget, traveling, etc -…

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Play Big! (or not) - blog title

Play BIG!

I recently posted on my Coach Erin Facebook page about the whole “Play Big” campaign that is soooo popular. It got several women thinking. Including one business owner who messaged me her big AH-HA moment … Take a look — maybe her AH-HA moment will inspire you. “Erin, you posted recently on the Coach Erin Facebook page…

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