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Steps to Align Your Business to YOU when starting a business by coach erin garcia

4 Steps to Align Your Business to YOU

STEP 1: Acknowledge YOUR true dream. In a world where we often hear things like Dream Bigger, Be More Bold or Move to The Next Level we can get confused on what it is we really want, what our true dreams are. We can often see what others have & do and begin to think…

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My 10 year business journey - blog title

My 10 Year Business Journey

A Look Back at My Business Journey It’s crazy to think that 2006 is my 10 year coaching anniversary. The time has flown by. It seems like it was just a few months ago that I was sitting in an adviser’s office at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. And, ironically, I wasn’t there to…

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My journey to coaching - blog title

How I got started in coaching

How I got started in coaching I believe my journey to coaching differs from many coaches out there. When I meet other coaches through networking, many tell me of how they found themselves burnt out at their jobs. Some share that they have gone through a traumatic shift in their relationships. Most of them mention…

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