Strengthening business partnerships and driving business growth using coaching, mediation and education

Helping business partners resolve differing business visions, opposing work styles, conflicting personalities and unclear communication

business partners look over their online brand after some coaching

I believe it's possible to grow your business to it's capacity and create the results you want by setting clear expectations, integrating different work styles and creating systems that keep communication open and clear.

I'll help clarify issues, concerns and challenges so you can find and resolve the problem instead of wasting time and resources on the symptoms.

Using coaching and mediation we'll focus on what each partner needs on a personal and professional level. This will help us establish common core values and create a unified vision so you can both experience growth that is fulfilling, sustainable and profitable.

Together we will strengthen your relationship, make managing the business easier and improve your success.

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A custom blend of coaching and mediation focused on gaining the clarity needed to organize your priorities, develop solutions and identify next steps so you can create a strong, stable and successful partnership. 

available virtually and in-person in Phoenix, Arizona.

$446.00 (90-min session)


Select A Program

Business Partnership Programs

All programs include a mix of individual coaching and joint mediation focused on resolving challenges, developing strategies and implementing solutions so you can achieve full potential personally and financially.

3 Month Core Business Partnership Program

Program Includes:

  • 9 90-min joint sessions
  • 6 90-min individual sessions
  • unlimited virtual support for both partners

Program Plan:

  • week 1: joint session
  • week 2: individual sessions
  • weeks 3-5: joint session
  • week 6: individual sessions 
  • weeks 7-10: joint session
  • week 11: individual sessions
  • week 12: joint session

Paid In Full $7483

Payment Plan 7840
$2500 deposit + 5 payments of $1068
price includes $50 credit from Troubleshoot Session

Monthly Business Partnership Program

Program Includes:

  • 1 90-min joint session
  • 1 90-min individual session
  • unlimited virtual support for both partners

Program plan customized to meet partnership needs.

Monthly Plan
$1800 charged each month until plan is cancelled by client. No minimum.

90-day Plan
Paid In Full: $4500

Payment Plan:
$2500 + 2 monthly payments of $1225

prices/ includes $50 credit from Troubleshoot Session

EMAIL: erin@ecoacherin.com
PHONE: (602) 499-4825
ADDRESS: 13118 N. 20th Ave - Phoenix, AZ 85029

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