Affirmations are Important

I believe affirmations are important because I have seen in my own self, my own business and the businesses of my clients what can happen when women use affirmations.

By first believing in her own self, she creates a community of believers and those believers become clients, customers and advocates whose lives and businesses are improved because of her product or service. Thereby improving the world one person, one customer, one service/product at a time.

It takes persistence to believe in yourself and own your spot in this world.... it's the kind of persistence necessary to success.

"The most critical thing an entrepreneur needs more than anything else is confidence, If that's missing, I don't care if you have a plan and all that stuff, you're dead in the water. You can lose your edge right away, and selling value becomes 10 times more difficult." ~ Barry Farber

Affirmations are a tool to help women business owners gain, maintain and improve their confidence. To some they might seem like just words on a piece of paper however those words have the power to transform thoughts and thoughts soon become actions and actions build character. So, much like many believe it is important to take a multi-vitamin to nourish your body I believe that reading, writting and repeating affirmations nourishes your mind, soul & spirit.

In my own life I can immediately tell a difference in my mindset when I forget to read, write and repeat my affirmations. As a coach I can tell when my clients too have forgotten or not made time to read, write & repeat their affirmations. Affirmations are a powerful tool that transform lives and businesses.

It's important that the affirmations you use fit you. If you're using an affirmation that you don't believe, re-write it in a way that you can begin to believe it. Give it some time, keep reading, writting & repeating the affirmation and watch how it begins to show up in your thoughts, words, actions and in your day to day world.

Becuase it's so important that your affirmations fit you, it's not uncommon when working with business owners that we will create personalized and customized affirmations that fit for what they are working on in their business and without a doubt we will see forward momentum when we meet again. I have see the power of affiramtions time and time again. I know affirmations are one of the most powerful tools my women entrepreneurial clients have in their tool box.

If you'd like to experience the power of affirmations in your business and your life I invite you to join me on Facebook or Pinterest where I regularly share affirmations. My best suggestion is to start an affirmation journal. Pick one affirmation per page and write that affirmation over and over and over and over again. Maybe write it 2-3 times each day for a few weeks. Much like how we learned to spell we can learn to believe in ourselves, our services, our businesses and in life itself.


Affirmation: a tool used to re-wire your brain and improve your mindset.

Change Your Brain
Change Your Business

Affirmation Kit for Women Business Owners includes:

- over 200 affirmations
- printable affirmation log sheet
- tips for getting the most from the affirmations

This affirmation kit can be downloaded from your email right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone in PDF format! You don’t need a special eBook reader. You can also print it. Hard and softback copies are not available.

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