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Discussions that are intentional, authentic and empowering.
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Conversations that allow you to process through overwhelm and ideas.
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Meetings focused 100% on YOU and YOUR business.
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90 minutes of dialog that inspires feelings of hope and confidence
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Appointments that identify clear steps of a business growth road map 
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Strategy sessions that transform a big picture dream into reality.
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This Is Coaching !!!

{Hey There!} I'm Coach Erin


Diving into business strategies, crafting marketing solutions and designing programs and service packages lights me up. Guiding women to become resources for others while improving their own lives -- that's what it's about for me.

Oh and I'm fully aware of the emotional roller coaster ride involved in business ownership -- it doesn't scare me. It's a normal part of the process. I’m ready for it.

Have You Spent Time:

  • Searching Google?
  • Talking to friends and family?
  • Browsing Pinterest?
  • Reading "business experts" newsletters?

Only to find yourself overwhelmed, stuck and unfocused?

Woman Business owner sorting ideas using sticky notes at the office

Or maybe you’re like me and found yourself throwing clipboards to the ground repeatedly until there is no resemblance of a clip board left. (Not my proudest moment, but a true story -- ask my husband. It was not pretty.)

I get it! It's what I did. It's how I felt. (And truth be told -- still feel some days.)

But, here’s the thing -- we don’t need a miracle. We don’t need a genie to grant us one last wish. While some may try to make us think we need to drink their magic potion -- it's not true.

There isn’t any tricks or secrets that’s going to make our business magically work. (Oh how I wish we could just wiggle our nose like in my childhood sitcom Bewitched.) It just doesn’t work that way.

Coach Erin - You Got This

STOP! It's imperative that we stop telling ourselves, “I’m just not good at this business, marketing and selling stuff.” Stop!

Many of the things we're experiencing are more common than we let ourselves believe. So much of what we experience truly is "just part of the process."

What I've learned from the hundreds of clients I've coached with

Every woman business owner at some point is:

  • Confused by 100 different ways to do the same thing
  • Stuck in their own way, spinning in ideas and emotions
  • Struggling to articulate their business vision
  • Feeling less than confident about telling others what they do
  • Not sure where to find their ideal client
  • Unclear on who they serve, how to serve them and how to price their services
  • Befuzzled, thinking, “I don’t know if I’m doing this right”
  • Coming to the realization that owning a business is much more than simply serving clients

On the other hand, these same women are:

  • Motivated to make their business dreams a reality
  • Striving to experience meaning and satisfaction
  • Excited for an adventure most women wouldn’t dare start
  • Focused on building a lifestyle that provides personal fulfillment, financial stability, family flexibility and doesn’t leave them emotionally burnt out
  • Nervously excited about tapping into their own creativity
  • Want to pave their own way
  • Eager to try everything
  • Anxious to use their skills
  • Ready to learn, explore, discover and create

Any of this feeling familiar? My gut guess says YES -- am I right?

I became a business owner at age 17, so I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. But when I started coaching, I found that I struggled with how to market myself in this new endeavor.

So I did what most women do in my position: I started talking to my family, bouncing ideas off friends and searching Google for the magic secrets. I quickly found out that while my husband had co-owned a custom home construction business and had 10+ years of sales experience, he was not the one to talk to.

I reached out to my father who has owned his own successful real estate business for more than 30 years, surely he would be able to provide me with a solid sounding board -- nope!

Talking to my husband and father about business just didn’t work.

  • It was putting a strain on my marriage because I wasn’t using my husband’s ideas. (Litter cars in a shopping center parking lot with flyers about my coaching services? Really!?)
  • My dad thought money was the solution and invested a good chunk of cash that didn’t really do anything to help me build packages or find my ideal client. (It did help me pay someone to design a website -- unfortunately, that was my first business mistakes.)
  • Then I went to my best friend -- Google. Oh man! That only caused more confusion and more doubt about my abilities to be my own boss. There was (and still is) so much conflicting information. People use different words and yet mean the same thing. The same idea is presented so obscurely we think it’s two completely different concepts. UGH!

What we need is to identify :


Who are my services for?
Who is my ideal client?
Who will I market to?


What do I do?
What value do I provide?
What should my brand be?


How will I provide services?
How much should I charge?
How will I get it all done?


How will I provide services?
How much should I charge?
How will I get it all done?

Now don't get me wrong, the money was helpful. But, I certainly didn't need more marketing suggestions (it only added to the confusion and frustration). Besides, if the marketing suggestions were outside my comfort zone it didn’t matter how great they were -- I wasn’t going to fully implement them anyway.

That’s when I started to try and break it all down. I wanted to make business and marketing easier for me (and others) to understand. I wanted it to be simpler to implement.

Coach Erin taking coaching notes during a woman's business coaching session

So, I designed my own
100% original
Business Mapping System

My Business Mapping System is part of what makes me and my coaching programs different than other business coaches. It's a uniquely created and hand crafted process. Each coaching exercise provides my clients clarity, confidence, direction and focus. The best part is that with each new client, I improve and perfect the system because it is custom tailored to each client.

But, I also believe I’m unique in the fact that I’m truly a coach -- not a consultant. In my Business Mapping System, my role is not to tell you what to do. My role is to provide you a proven framework, guidance, support, accountability and bring together the tools and coaching exercises that will move your ideas into structured services and organized marketing that will grow both you and your business.

We Will: (with an emphasis on we)

  • process through all the emotions and ideas in an authentic, intentional and completely judgement-free conversation
  • find the root of your blocks (hint: it’s not marketing; it’s what comes before the marketing)
  • prioritize an organized, step-by-step plan of what to work on and when

I Will:

  • be someone who isn’t emotionally connected to your decisions, doesn’t hold you to your past and truly cares about your future success
  • show you a structure for business decision-making and create a framework to move ideas into implemented action
  • walk you through forward-momentum exercises to help you gain clarity in audience, pricing, services and messaging

I’ve worked with more than 300 individual women and unique businesses. From a cheese photographer to a copywriter and CPAs to coaches.

There are two things all my clients have in common :
1. my clients are women business owners or co-owners
2. my clients provide services directly to their clients/customers

Is this you? Yes! Then Let's Get Started!

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonialYesterday I was thinking about putting the packages together and I had a little monkey on my shoulder saying things like “Who do you think you are?” “What do you have to offer?” "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Today I'm sitting in front of my computer and building my packages. OMG! The packages are really coming together and I am so excited!!! They will work for the my clients and I know I CAN DO IT!! Before I started coaching with Erin I would get stuck on the monkey chatter and didn’t have any other voice talking to me. Now I hear Erin's voice and feel her confidence in me.

Jeri Royce - Phoenix, Arizona - 3P Leadership

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial
Working on my knowledge catalog for this week's coaching homework was so validating. It showed me that I haven’t wasted my time the past several years and that my skills are valuable. I can now see how my skills and knowledge can gel into a business. I've actually been preparing to do this business all along and just didn’t know it. It’s feels really, really nice to know that now.

Jenny Alton - Utah - Flannel Creative