At the core of a successful business is a clear plan, effective systems, efficient processes and a confident owner. - Coach Erin

Hello there! I'm Coach Erin.

I make starting and growing your business less frustrating and more fun!

I'll help you read the map. I'll point out all the opportunities along the way.

I'll even guide you through deciding which roadways will be easiest.

But, I'm not Siri. I don't expect you to know your exact destination nor will I make you take the route I think is best.

Private coaching keeps YOU in the driver seat. It's your business. I'm your co-pilot.

Ombre ruffle cake in shades of blue

Making a cake and building your own business are metaphorically quite similar.

If someone asked us to make a cake from scratch with no recipe, only a handful of us would succeed.

But give us the ingredients, tools, recipe and someone to help us, majority of us will succeed.

With the right structure, tools, systems and processes we are:

  • more likely to succeed

  • spend less time and money
    (Each attempt really adds up quick.)

  • have less self doubt and stress

  • enjoy the process a whole lot more

Discover how easy business is when you define, design and develop:

Processes For:

  • blogging
  • social media marketing
  • giving presentations
  • hosting workshops
  • getting your tasks done

Systems For:

  • new client on-boarding
  • setting prices and raising prices
  • tracking and monitoring your growth
  • working with clients
  • communicating with clients

Plans For:

  • how to best serve clients
  • marketing service programs
  • expanding services
  • being efficient and effective with time
  • utilizing software and automation
fun in business

From Young, First Time Business Owner To  Successfully Sustainable Coaching Practice.

Starting my first business at the age of 17, while still in high school, and starting my business coaching practice I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit.

I've watched my fair share of webinars and youtube videos. I've read too many blogs to count. I've hired coaches and reached out to gurus. And I've even tried discussing business with my husband.

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My clarity creator with Coach Erin surpassed my expectations. It was more in depth than I thought it would be. I appreciated the fluid conversation and willingness to go into details that weren’t “easy.” I loved the transparency and being able to talk about what’s really going on.  I appreciate that Erin was willing to talk about everything and lovingly (yet directly) discuss the sore subjects. It was awesome to breakthrough to seeing the “roots” of the problem and come out of the coaching with concrete areas to focus on and work through.

Flip Flop C.E.O

Lory Muirhead

Phoenix, Arizona

email: erin@ecoacherin.com        phone: (602) 499-4825        photo credit: Crystal Clear Photography