Abby Herman Coaching Testimonial

I’ve been working with Coach Erin in one-on-one coaching and I’ve also been a part of her Sparks Mastermind.  Erin provides so much value, starting with the very first session. She has helped me work through some major business mind-blocks, set up effective systems for working with my clients and plan out how I’m going to reach some big goals I have (along with countless other things we’ve worked through together!).

It was a huge step for me to hire a coach because I was afraid that I’d have to work WAY outside my comfort zone and move faster than I was prepared to at the time. Instead, Erin helped me identify where I was in my business so I could build from there—on my own terms. There’s no “formula” for success and while the big-name business courses might work for some, I knew I needed some one-on-one TLC to move me and my business forward. That’s exactly what I got. Erin pushed me outside my comfort zone and I had my highest gross income year yet—both in my business and when I was working a J.O.B. full time. Less than two weeks into this year, I’m well on my way to meeting this year’s goals.

I really appreciate having the Sparks group there in between coaching sessions. Sparks is different than most groups. It’s  a small, intimate, safe place I can go to get feedback and support from like-minded business owners. Erin and Sparks have both helped me immeasurably.

I can’t thank Erin enough. It was a huge step for me to hire a coach, but I am so thankful I did! I 100% truly believe that I’d be back in the classroom teaching if I hadn’t come to Coach Erin! Or, I’d be miserable working 70 hours a week. Or both!

Abby Herman-
Phoenix, Arizona, Write Solutions

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