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Masterminding and communicating with other business owners is essential to business growth.

No matter what stage you’re at in your business, a mastermind can help you grow and develop both personally and professionally--if you’re connecting with the right people and focusing on the right things.

With this in mind, my Sparks Mastermind Community has grown and evolved over the years. Today, it’s a twice-monthly virtual chat, monthly sparks productivity sprints, resource file and an active forum. I’m continually amazed at the progress and growth each member makes, and it’s the calls that drive all this change.

Every call starts with quick introductions if there’s a new member to the group. Then each attendee talks about something that they need help with or that they want to celebrate.

Because sometimes group calls can get off-track without an agenda or clear direction, I have a Topic in My Pocket that I use to help guide the conversation from there. The topic always comes out of conversations I see and insights I’ve gained in the Sparks private Facebook group.

On a recent call, we talked about the difference between teaching your clients to fish or doing the fishing for them. It was interesting to hear how and why each woman chose her business model and how she sees it evolving over time.

A lot more came out of the Sparks call than just that conversation. Other ah-ha moments included:

  • One woman asked how the other members balance working from home with having two kids at home part of the day. One of these kids is a teenager, so other members recommended ways to instill more responsibility in the teen (so Mom wasn’t so frazzled). Parenting and business win in one! 
  • One member was feeling challenged by a client who had changed the expectations for a project several times. Other members piped in on how they set boundaries in a project and offered suggestions on how to get the project back to where it felt more comfortable. Everyone felt better because they were able to talk through this and know they weren’t alone in their feelings. 
  • Another member was feeling better about where her to-do list was, but was still feeling a little “off” because deadlines were looming. The group was able to give her ideas on how to block her time so everything would get done in time--with minimal stress. 
  • And another member talked through letting a client go (her biggest-paying client). She was able to hear another business owner talk about being in a similar situation and learned that sometimes saying good-bye is the best thing for your business (and your sanity). 
  • One member announced a collaborative project she’s working on with another member of the group and a third woman who she met through Sparks connections!

My favorite part of these calls is watching women I care about and admire continue to grow their businesses by talking it out and collaborating.

They learn they are not alone in business and can reach out to any one of us virtually at any time during the month.

I encourage you to find out more about the Sparks mastermind program. We’d love to have you as our guest!

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