4 Steps to Align Your Business to YOU

Steps to Align Your Business to YOU when starting a business by coach erin garcia

STEP 1: Acknowledge YOUR true dream.

In a world where we often hear things like Dream Bigger, Be More Bold or Move to The Next Level we can get confused on what it is we really want, what our true dreams are.

We can often see what others have & do and begin to think that is our dream. Yet, when we take time to focus in on what we really want we may find we actually do not want that which others have or do. We might find that we've fallen into the "keeping up with the Jones" or the "I'm not successful because I don't have what she has."  We often are not focused on our truest heart desires, but rather swayed by the life or business we see others living & operating.

So, I have gathered a couple resources to help you in acknowledging your true dream.

STEP 2: Prioritize what matters most!

There are many things we can all do, but none of us can do them all at one time. It's important to keep focused on your priorities, make time for what matters most and allow those things that are distractions to drift away.

So, take some time to prioritize your priorities.  Grab some post-it notes and put one priority on each post-it.  Now go through your post-it's and play the "what comes first" game.  

Here's how to play:

  1. Put what you believe is the #1 priority at the top.
  2. Now grab another post-it note and ask yourself does this come before or after the one you previously placed.
  3. Grab your 3rd post-it and compare it to the top post it asking yourself "does this come before or after this 1st post it?" If it goes above the 1st one place it and grab another post-it.  If it goes below, compare it to your #2 post-it, continue to compare it until you find where it fits.
  4. Continue until you have all of your priorities prioritized.

A few helpful hints:

  1. You might start with just your business priorities first and then mix in your life priorities or vise-versa, you might start with life and then mix in business.
  2. You might also ask yourself "Which do I need to take care of first, second, third, etc"
  3. If you find yourself struggling, feeling frustrated and confused... it's normal AND it's an indicator to what's happening in your mind everyday.  It's likely your struggling to make decisions about your time, what projects to complete & possibly leading yourself to feeling overwhelmed & unproductive.  It's OK.  Deep breathes... take it one post-it at time and know that you will find "your right list."  It doesn't all have to be done in one hour or even one day.  Give your list some time to feel right and adjust it a little here and there until you know it's right.

STEP 3: Apply What You Do Know:

Many entrepreneurs can get themselves into believing they need to learn just one more thing, yet too often it's more likely you are just not applying what you've already learned.

I encourage you to focus on what you do know.  Take some time to look back at what you've already learned and create a plan to implement it. Often, the biggest return on our investments come when we implement.

If you have notes from a conference or workshop you attended some time ago, pull out those notes, re-read them or even type them up as a way to re-spark your mind.  Look through and see what ideas you had or what inspired you and make time on your calendar to implement those ideas.  

If you find yourself thinking "I'm just not sure I know enough or I'm not sure I'm good enough" it's time to remind yourself that you likely know more than others and the longer you "wait" to get "perfect" the longer other's lives remain the same.  It's time to use what you do know, the skills you do have to improve the lives of others who don't have your knowledge or your skills.  Could you be better or know more?  Sure, we all always can improve but, that doesn't mean you don't have something to offer NOW.  Start where you are with what you do know, start impacting the lives of others now and get better as you go.


Truth is that the hub of your business is in knowing & being able to articulate who your ideal client is.  Spending time on this one thing will change the success path of your entire business.  If there was a secret to success I'd venture to say it's in knowing who your ideal client is.

(but I don't really believe in secrets, I believe more in trial, error & luck then in secrets)

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