10 Bits of Business Wisdom

10 bits of business wisdom for women from me, Coach Erin


1. There is not one way to create a successful business

2. You don't have to do everything and you certainly don't have to do it all at once

3. Just because something works for someone else doesn't mean it is right for your business

4. Just because others "look" like the have it all together doesn't mean they really do, don't allow yourself to be fooled into thinking "they" are better than you.

5. Most likely it is your fear of success that is going to be one of your biggest challenges to over come BUT you'll think it's your fear of failure more often than not.

6. Your self esteem has more to do with the success of your business than your branding or marketing.

7. If you're not tracking your income and expenses -- there is a reason you're not and discovering that reason will likely solve a lot more problems than just knowing what you're really making in your business.

8. It is HUGELY important to know what you want to gain from owning your own business or you will soon be doing things in business based on what other experts tell you you should want to gain.

9. Be sure you know what defines success for you or you will be quickly influenced by other people's perceptions of success.

10. Be aware... it can be easy to create a business that becomes a job instead of a joy.

Are you a woman business owner? Feel free to add to this list of wisdom below in the comments.

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