Well, Hello There!

Let me take a "gut guess" and say that you are:

  • a woman (likely a mom or wife)

  • a first time business owner

  • starting or growing a service business
    (likely from your home)

  • new to coaching and not sure what to expect

  • nervous about hiring your first business coach

  • confused on what steps to take first/next

If YES, You're in the right place!

And, not only are you in the right place -- but, you just experienced one of my now infamous "gut guesses." My clients describe them as "eerily accurate" or "so close that's it's like I read their mind." I can't explain it -- but, I can say I'm not a mind reader. 😉

Now, before we get too far into this, I want to be upfront with you.

  • I'm no dolled-up, high-profile coach with center stage sex-appeal.
  • My dreams don't include country club living or private jets.
  • I have no magic wand, no crystal ball and no secret formulas.
  • I've been coaching since 2006 and still don't have it all figured out.
  • Coaching with me is work.
  • There's no fluffy sugar-coated cotton candy in my coaching style.

I'm not here to be a role-model.
I don't  want you to mimic me.
I want you to be authentically you.
I want you to create YOUR OWN business!

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Truth is, I'm no different than you.

I've felt uncertain, stuck, frustrated and confused. I've been lost and not sure which direction to go. I've struggled to find the perfect marketing message.

One of my "not so proud moments" was the day I threw my clipboard to the ground repeatedly until there is no resemblance of a clip board left. (True story -- ask my husband. It was not pretty.)

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After coaching hundreds of women in a variety of industries, I've identified common patterns, blocks and fears.

I've crafted one-of-a-kind coaching activities to move you through the overwhelming pieces of business ownership.

And I assure you -- You are not the only woman who needs guidance, direction, encouragement and accountability.

When Erin and I jumped on our initial ice breaker, I was instantly struck by her infectious energy and passion for helping female business owners.

I could tell she was genuinely interested in learning about my story, and that she understood the challenges I was facing. Within minutes, Erin was already offering up suggestions to help me take my next steps.

Brittany McClafferty: Phoenix, Arizona

Today's coaching session surpassed my expectations. We got a lot done. I now have a clear path and schedule to launch my online course.

Plus, the most exciting part, Erin magically turned my coaching session prep form into marketing language for my course.

This session was exactly what I wanted.

Loren North: Phoenix, Arizona

Business Ownership is not a quest that must be won alone.

Let's join forces and get your business going in the right direction

Here's How I Can Help!

private coaching provided via video conference and in-person in Phoenix, Arizona by request

Schedule a FREE 30-min Icebreaker:
an un-scripted, free-flowing conversation between two business owners sharing their stories so they can better support each other in reaching their goals.

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Schedule Your Initial Session:
clear away the clutter so you can clarify your challenges, determine your direction and focus on what steps to take next.

Clarity Creator for Individual Business Owners $137

The BYOB Program (Build. Your. Own. Business and Be. Your. Own. Boss) :

a 90-day individual coaching program for women who are starting a new business or restructuring a current business. Includes 12 private coaching sessions, unlimited support between sessions, typed up coaching notes and more. LEARN MORE

The SURGE Program:

a monthly or annual program for women who are actively building, growing and improving their service business. Includes individual coaching and group coaching each month and access to a group forum and resource library. LEARN MORE

Erin has a unique way to uncover the purpose and mission for your business. She's so creative and is someone who understands what you're saying and what you're trying to say.
- Paulette Bergenous: Reno, Nevada

My first session was a valuable, no-nonsense rundown of the fundamentals of setting goals. I didn’t think Erin would provide me with such in-depth information right out of the gate.
- Carla: Phoenix, Arizona

I did not expect Erin to help me develop my business ideas during my free icebreaker session.  She really went above and beyond. Shows her true commitment to her clients.

- Gila Glassberg: Woodmere, New York

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