Simplifying business so women succeed in being their own boss.

Coach Erin Garcia BBB Business Review
"Women-in-Business" Online Business Coach Erin from Phoenix, Arizona

Hey There! Coach Erin here to help you enjoy the magic of being your own boss

Since 2006 I've helped hundreds of women organize their ideas, launch their programs and create structured systems.

I believe at the heart of a strong business is an empowered woman with a clear vision and the confidence to lead her clients.

If you're looking to start, structure or strengthen your business--I've got you covered. 

Phoenix Business Woman Alicia Fields

Before working with Erin, I had not worked with a coach one-on-one.  I knew I wanted  individualized attention and that's just what Erin provided.

I feel a whole lot better about moving forward and creating packages and programs that really give my clients what they need. It's awesome to feel unstuck, clear and like I can now move forward in my business.

Alicia Fields

Phoenix, Arizona

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

Being a member of Erin's Sparks Mastermind community has been critical to my sanity and success as a business owner. The group of women Erin has organized is incredible.

I've also worked with Erin in private coaching and love how she finds a different perspective for looking at things and provides new ideas. I highly recommend Erin.

Loren North

Phoenix, Arizona

Create a solid business structure so you can market with confidence, attract the right clients and enjoy the magic of business ownership.

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breaking down concepts and ponder possibilities

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Connect & Network

Join me at a Bizboree:
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When You're Ready To Move Forward

I'm here to guide you with my 100% Original Coaching Process

Start With A Vision

Decide on a focused direction, identify a target market, develop a clear message, integrate business and life so your clear on the end result and the path you want to take to get there.


Organize A Plan

Learn to create service programs and packages that get results and marketing that attracts clients so selling becomes comfortable and income becomes consistent.


Enjoy The Magic

Continue to move forward, start new programs, launch new marketing and increase income so you can grow as a business owner and experience living at your full potential.