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Simplifying the Day-To-Day Tasks and Responsibilities of Business Ownership


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Before we get too far into this, I want to be upfront with you

  • I'm no dolled-up, high-profile coach with center stage sex-appeal.
  • My first 90 days in business were far from headline material.
  • My dreams don't include country club living or private jets.
  • I've created success. I've made epic mistakes.
  • I have no magic wand, no crystal ball and no secret formulas.
  • One coaching session with me is not going to create instant success.
  • Coaching with me is work. It's not a 90-min conversation and done.
  • I call it like it is, like I see it and like I feel it.
  • I'm a straight forward, raw and honest coach.
  • There's no fluffy sugar-coated cotton candy in my coaching style.

Enough about me, let's talk about you!

  • Wishing starting, running and improving your business wasn't so complex?

  • Blown away by how much you have to work outside your comfort zone?

  • Baffled as to how you know the answers are there but you can't find them?

  • Befuzzled as to why business ownership isn't as luxurious as some made it out to be?


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You're in the right place if you're:

  • ready for a business plan that allows you to pivot without having to re-brand
  • looking to choose or change the structure of your business
  • wanting a detailed master plan so you know what to work on each day
  • trying to determine where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to work with and what goals will get you there

You're in the right place if you're:

  • leading a team and need defined processes or new hire training systems
  • not sure what your mission and/or vision are or can't articulate them clearly
  • struggling to stay focused, need help navigating obstacles or are overwhelmed with the many hats you wear

You're in the right place if you're starting, growing or elevating a
solution-based, service-focused and program or product enhanced business.

Let's Meet!

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Discover how much fun business can be when you:

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Define Processes For:

  • blogging
  • social media posts
  • creating podcasts
  • working with contracted employees
  • communicating with your staff

Design Systems For:

  • new client on-boarding
  • new staff training
  • setting and raising your prices
  • tracking and monitoring your sucess
  • client care and communication

Develop Plans For:

  • who you will work with and how
  • presentations, workshops and trainings
  • utilizing software and automation
  • joint ventures or collaborative marketing
  • leveraging or expanding your business

Let's Start Coaching & Get On With Your Business!

Private Coaching

provided virtually via video conference and in-person in Phoenix, Arizona by request

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Meet Me

Schedule a FREE 20-min Icebreaker:
an un-scripted, free-flowing conversation between two business owners sharing their stories so they can better support each other in reaching their goals.

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clear away the clutter so you can clarify your challenges, determine your direction and focus on what steps to take next.

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No matter how successful a business owner may look, we've all felt uncertain, overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated and confused. And we've also felt excited, hopeful and eager. Sometimes all on the same day (or even in the same hour.)

Who knows, maybe you’re like me and found yourself throwing clipboards to the ground repeatedly until there is no resemblance of a clip board left. (Not my proudest moment, but a true story -- ask my husband. It was not pretty.) 

I get it! It's what I did. It's how I felt.
(And truth be told -- still do and feel some days.

But, here’s the thing -- we don’t need a miracle. We don’t need a genie to grant us one last wish. While some may try to make us think we need to drink their magic potion -- it's not true.

There aren't any tricks or secrets that’ will make our business magically work. (Oh how I wish we could just wiggle our nose like in the sitcom Bewitched.) It just doesn’t work that way.

Business Owners who are currently working with me or have worked with me:

Phoenix Business Woman Alicia Fields

Before working with Erin, I had not worked with a coach one-on-one.  I knew I wanted  individualized attention and that's just what Erin provided.

I feel a whole lot better about moving forward and creating packages and programs that really give my clients what they need. It's awesome to feel unstuck, clear and like I can now move forward in my business.

Alicia Fields

Phoenix, Arizona

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

Being a member of Erin's Sparks Mastermind community has been critical to my sanity and success as a business owner. The group of women Erin has organized is incredible.

I've also worked with Erin in private coaching and love how she finds a different perspective for looking at things and provides new ideas. I highly recommend Erin.

Loren North

Phoenix, Arizona




Erin M. Garcia
13118 N. 20th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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