Being stuck is normal. Staying stuck is a choice. Give yourself the gift of clarity. Yes, I want clarity!

enjoy the magic of business ownership

clear ideas, authentically designed services & a confidently communicated message

Now before we get to far into this, I want to be clear and upfront with you.

(because being real, raw and honest is my style.)

I'm no dolled-up, high-profile coach with center stage sex appeal. My first 90 days in business was far from headline material.

Truth is I'm a ordinary woman. I live a pretty simple life. I run an average business. I've created success and I've experienced failures. I've had amazing ideas. I've made epic mistakes.

But man -- am I good at creating "out of the box" solutions, simplifying the decision making process and providing the needed kick in the *** that grows your business.

I love what I do. I love the women I work with. I love hand-crafting coaching exercises that bust through blocks and break down overwhelm.

Being a coach truly feels magical. It brings together my strengths of creativity, strategic problem solving and my natural curiosity about human nature. It feels like a profession hand carved just for me.

Oh and while I'm a business coach in Phoenix who works in-person with clients, I also work with women throughout the United States virtually.

I look forward to sharing the magic of coaching with YOU!

Coach Erin :)

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Today's Sparks Mastermind Community Chat was perfect! I was able to hear what I have been trying to tell myself all along because Coach Erin was able help me sift out all my thoughts! I am able to move forward with my next step confidently. I took a big breathe of fresh air as I continue to climb my entrepreneur mountain. I am reconnected to my passion!

Erin Smith - Phoenix, Arizona -Imprinted Legacy

My business has grown 51 percent in the year I've worked with Erin. She's helped me develop systems and packages that make it easier to sell my services and worked with me as I let go of clients who didn't respect my time or expertise. And, of course, there was some serious hard work on my part--but I didn't work nearly as many hours as I did last year and I finished SO much further ahead.

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